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Vitreon America, Inc. (Vitreon) has been formed with the goal of disseminating, organizing, and making available on a client project basis, the entirety, portions, and relevant elements of what is known as James A Duke’s Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases.

Prior to the 1940s most of pharmaceuticals consisted of plant-based products and this turning point in the worldwide pharmaceutical industry coincides with a willingness – even urgency – to look back upon plants in their natural essence as a basis for medicinal products.

The reasons for the pharmaceutical industry to look towards nature for medicinal answers are numerous:

Vitreon America Regional Chairmen

J. Randall Hoggle
(BPharm, DPh, MBA)

Chairman of Vitreon America, Inc.

Dr. Hoggle has over 30 years of leadership experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. He has worked in all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry and his commercial experience includes business development, business turnaround, strategic partnership development, product development, registration and commercialization. Dr. Hoggle currently serves as Chairman of six companies in a combination of healthcare products, medical care and information system infrastructure expertise, healthcare product systems and infrastructure services and Emergency Preparedness and Response strategic planning and deployment systems, headquartered in Rockville, Maryland. Dr. Hoggle also serves as a board member for two public healthcare companies: Verax Research Services , Inc. [VXRS] and Solei Systems, Inc. [SOLI].

Jorgen Sandberg

Chairman of Vitreon Europe

Mr. Sandberg has an international background within banking and pharmaceuticals. Within banking, Mr. Sandberg has had a focus on business strategy, asset management and financial analysis, including leadership roles in Landkreditt Bank as Bank Manager and Storebrand ASA as an Asset Manager. Within pharmaceuticals, Mr. Sandberg has had various key roles including Scandinavian Innovation Manager for Eli Lilly, and Nycomed Sales Manager of the Year. He is widely recognized for his coaching, mentoring and training successes.

About Vitreon America™

America™Vitreon AmericaTM was formed with the goal of disseminating their BotanicopeaTM database to encourage the increased use of botanicals and phytochemicals in the creation of new medicines.

Vitreon America, Inc.

Vitreon America Botanical Research Center @ Hopkins Johns Hopkins University- MCC 9601 Medical Center Drive, Suite 221 Rockville, Maryland 20850